SIMPLE Simulation Tools

Do you want to use SIMPLE?

SIMPLE Tools is not yet ready for "normal" use. If you want to perform some research or development related to Building Performance Simulation tools, we would love to collaborate with you.

You can still check the Input/Output reference and the main objectives below!

Easily readable input files

The inputs are designed for not being intimidating. They also offer reveal clearly what each input corresponds to.

Is this clear enough?
Substance {
    name : "Concrete"
    thermal_conductivity : 1.68 // W/m.K
    specific_heat_capacity : 800 // J/kg.K
    density : 2400 // kg/m3
Material {
    name : "100mm concrete"
    substance : "Concrete" // The name of the Substance
    thickness : 0.1 // meters

Check the automatically generated Input Output reference

Use real scripts for simulating building operation

Define a control algorithm that will be ran before each timestep, allowing you to simulate operation, adaptation and people's behaviour through an actual programming language.

Simulate a very rational occupant
// Get the bedroom
let bedroom = space("bedroom");

// Get the bedroom's temperature
let space_temp = bedroom.dry_bulb_temperature;

// Make a decision based on that temperature
let heater = hvac("bedrooms heater");
if space_temp > 25 {
    heater.power_consumption = 0.0;
} else if space_temp < 18 {
    heater.power_consumption = 1000.0;